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Business Litigation & Unfair Competition

As business lawyers, we know our clients inevitably find themselves in disputes over commercial contracts, business deals, and the related claims that go with them – from trade secret and unfair competition claims to business torts, breach of contract and accusations of false advertising. HR attorneys can help your business avoid these disputes with timely intervention, but for those times when a lawsuit is unavoidable, you want an experienced advocate on your side.  Litigation is what we do.  Whether your dispute is before a judge, jury or arbitration panel – our lawyers have been there before, and we will be there with you.  For more information on our Business Litigation & Unfair Competition practice, please contact Todd A. Harpst.

Construction Project Dispute Resolution Advocacy

One of Harpst • Ross’ core services is project dispute advocacy. We have litigated construction disputes for our clients in the United States’ Federal Courts, State Common Pleas Courts, local municipal courts, and even in small claims courts when necessary. We are also just as at home in a AAA arbitration, private arbitration, or mediation setting. We have represented clients on behalf of insurance companies, and even against insurance companies. We choose our dispute resolution engagements carefully to make sure we avoid conflicts, while allowing our litigation teams to focus resources on particular projects and disputes. Whether our client needs to pursue a claim or defend against one, our experienced litigation advocates will be there with you at every step.  For more information on our Construction Project Dispute Resolution Advocacy practice, please contact Joe Spoonster.

Employment Services

Your employees are your biggest investment, and can also be your biggest risk. Most lawyers have never worked in business and don’t understand the business side of employees.  HR lawyers have been in business and know how to handle the legal challenges that come with having employees.  We represent management interests only.  Whether you need advice on employment practices, handbooks, regulations, rules, and policies, or whether you need help walking through a new acquisition, termination, severance agreement, or discrimination charge, HR employment lawyers know the law and the business issues involved.  And if litigation results despite your best efforts, we can help there too.  For more information on our Employment Services practice, please contact Monica Wallace.

Collections, Mechanic’s Liens & Bond Claims

Harpst • Ross routinely counsels clients on payment rights, mechanic’s liens, and bond claims and offers full client services to protect your payment rights, and act as your advocates in dispute resolution when necessary to pursue payment or defend against an unjust claim. The Firm has a dedicated and experienced staff of collection paralegals and attorneys that are ready to assist you in recovering all money due. We handle commercial disputes only — and we are set up to handle account collections both nationally and locally.  For more information on our payment and collection practice, please contact Nick Horrigan.

Business & Commercial Transactions

Successful business operations are based on careful planning, attention to detail and proper documentation.  From the smallest transactions to multi-million dollar deals, the attorneys of Harpst Ross are here to help you determine the best way to structure your transactions and then properly document your agreements in writing.  We can help with a variety of transactional matters, including construction contracts, independent contractor agreements, licenses, non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, service agreements, and the like.  Whether you are negotiating key terms, need a new agreement drafted from scratch or would simply like a review of an existing document, the oversight and advice from an experienced attorney can help you avoid costly issues in the future.

Regulatory Compliance

Businesses are facing an increasing number of regulations across many industries, and those regulations can be confusing for even the most sophisticated business person.  Harpst Ross attorneys can help guide you through the web of complicated regulations facing your business operations.  We have expertise in regulatory compliance in the areas of Construction Law and Project Management, Employment and Labor Relations, Advertising and Marketing, and Food and Drug Law.

Construction Defect & Contract Claims

Often a sub-set of Construction Project Dispute Resolution Advocacy, the firm maintains a regular practice counseling clients on investigating, evaluating, pursuing and defending construction defect and contract claims. This also includes, when appropriate, evaluating and pursuing available insurance coverage for the client’s protection. We are experienced working with the industry’s top claim consultants, and will give you honest advice on the merits of your claim, or defenses to a claim. At any given time over the firm’s existence, we are representing clients on construction claims that aggregate in the tens of millions of dollars.

Corporate Governance & Business Planning

Whether your business is expanding to take advantage of new markets, or consolidating to meet customer needs, Harpst • Ross attorneys can help. We have handled all manner of intra corporate transactions, stock re-purchase agreements, shareholder disputes, asset acquisitions or dispositions, entity selection and formation, corporate planning, close corporation agreements, buy-sell agreements, succession planning, shareholder withdrawals, and corporate dissolutions. Our industry experience allows us to bring real value to your corporate governance and business planning problems because we understand what matters.

Construction Project Planning

Harpst • Ross has extensive experience assisting clients with selecting appropriate project delivery methods for their projects, whether public or private. We have assisted our clients in negotiating and drafting front end documents for relatively small residential projects all the way up to large industrial projects with total contract values in excess of $100 million. We actually understand the significant differences, pros and cons of each method of project delivery, and can really assist you in understanding which delivery method is most appropriate for your project. Whether your project needs a customized, proprietary set of contract documents, or you prefer to use an industry recognized form of agreement such as those endorsed by the AIA or ConsensusDOCS, our firm’s lawyers have been there before. We also counsel our clients on insurance coverage, policy provisions, limits, additional insured issues, indemnification, and related risk management strategies to consider and incorporate into front end project planning when appropriate. Todd Harpst leads the firm’s Construction Project Planning practice.


John Ross is an experienced advocate when it comes to labor relations. The firm represents management interests only, and John leads the firm’s practice in this area. Whether you need legal counsel to deal with union activity, or an aggressive advocate before the NLRB, in a grievance proceeding, or to help negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, John has been there many times and can lead you through those challenges.